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What is the most important sign of a high-quality classroom? Is it the camera? Is it the device? How about methodology? Is it the teacher-child ratio?
Well, I’ll tell you a secret: It’s not any of those. Instead, it is something that will not cost you anything.
You don’t have to make space for it. It doesn’t need cleaning or a label.  Managing children and communication will become easier than ever.
It will have a great impact on Online Learning for kids.

Could you guess it yet?

The SINGLE AND MOST IMPORTANT Thing that Distinguishes A high-Quality Preschool online learning From An Average One is the Child and teacher relationship.

During our Demo and Parent – Facilitator open house, after an introduction, we focus on building a Child and Teacher Relationship. Every Child gets to Virtually interact with the Teacher knowing their likes and dislikes.

This accelerates learning and also helps the child become mentally prepared for the upcoming classes.

MY CHILD RUNS AWAY! Is that the first thing that crosses your mind while you come across a good Online Preschool Program?

Let us re-work our thoughts.

  1. What moved you to think about the particular program? 
    A famous personality endorsing? Or the repeated advertisement on your social media? Or just because your friend suggested you? Or an exciting off in the fee structure. 
    Well before enrolling your child in any Preschool learning, we need to consider a few important things. 
  2. Is the online preschool focused on Child’s Brain Development or Rote Learning? 
  3. Is the curriculum progressive or backdated? 

Well, indeed, few things won’t change. The method of delivery of the same needs constant updating and re-structuring. We often focus on performance rather than delivery. Well, online schooling needs more effort than offline. Every facilitator needs to bridge the gap. It is often found that the child is constantly hitting the screen. Did we ever think why? Because of the constant instruction of being visible in front of the screen, children often get exhausted and irritated. The main reason why they get so is that they lose their interest in the class after a certain period. This might be because of a bundle of reasons. Maybe, the child is finding the class to be less-interactive, maybe the child is feeling left out or maybe the child is getting bored by the traditional method of teaching. Online classes are tough to carry out for the teacher and the child when compared with offline classes. The adage “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy” is enough to indicate that online preschool classes essentially need to be incessantly interactive and fun for the children to attract their interest.

To achieve the best education for the child, online preschool classes need to be a fine blend of things that are both informative and entertaining. There are certain elements that will certainly invest in making online classes a high-quality one!

  1. Make the Online Classroom more interactive
    If children are supposed to be glued to their screen, then they have to find interest in what is going behind the screen. This can be done in many ways but one prime element is interaction.  Whether it is a classroom or any other group of people, one is able to draw everyone’s attention towards what he/she is saying, only by keeping them involved.  Interaction is the key element of a high-quality online classroom. The more people interact, the more they get clear with the point of discussion. Similarly, in an online preschool classroom, children get more enthusiastic with the lessons when each and every child gets to interact with the teacher.
    These interactions must involve question-answer instances and doubt clearing and should also be conversational in nature. Most classes churn out inattentive students when they lack interaction. Thus, not three or four children but the entire strength of the class must be interactive and teachers must take care of it.
  2. Songs and Dances to attract the attention
    Children can get distracted in virtual learning as well. Hence,    there should be something to gain their attention back. In this case, nothing can be as efficient as the mode of singing and dancing.  Children are more prone to find interest in these two activities. Moreover, teachers can also plan their lessons by blending them with certain dance steps and songs. Rightly said by Plato, “Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul”.  In this way, children remain more invested in performing these activities rather than getting distracted by any other thing. 
  3. Keep the lessons small and compact
    Virtual learning for kids can become monotonous for them at a certain point. The idea of sitting against the screen and expecting children to take in everything that is being taught is very utopian. According to child development studies, a 2-year-old child can concentrate for six minutes while a 4-year-old can concentrate for up to twelve minutes and a 6-year-old child manages to focus for twelve to eighteen minutes. Keeping this study in mind, online preschool lesson plans must be of short duration. Lessons must be short yet compact for the children. Also, initiate doing an interesting activity after completing the lessons. Hence, short lesson classes accompanied by interesting activities can hugely contribute to attracting children to go to their online classroom!
  4. Focus on studying alternatives
    Teaching lessons can be conducted in several ways. Apart from singing and dancing, another way of making lessons interesting is games and competitions. Teachers can organize a quick quiz session, online recitation of poems, an online alphabet fancy dress competition, etc, to encourage children to participate in the games in disguise of lessons! Nowadays, there is also the availability of kids’ educational games online. Teachers can get to customize these games according to the lessons which they have taught. Games can always excite the kids to sportingly participate in the lessons. Moreover, educational games can be a great alternative to studying.
  5. Involve parents
    Remember that children’s parents can be of great help in organizing a high-quality classroom. Apart from focusing on teaching techniques and lesson plans, teachers must conduct a time-to-time talk with the parents about how the family is coping up with the child’s online preschooling. These discussions must involve a child’s concentration and performance, reasons behind being absent in a class,  homework, and lesson plans as well. Parents are closest to the toddlers and hence talking to them will give a fair idea to the teacher about handling the students. Moreover, online preschool classrooms must also conduct official parent-teacher meetings too with digital report cards for monitoring the performance of the students. In this way, the teacher-parent relationship can also be strengthened. 
  6. Let children take the stage
    Being in front of the screen and always seeing the teacher speak and teach can become boring for the child and the teacher as well. To make things more involving from the toddler’s side, teachers can make a video out of the child’s daily activities and show it in the online classroom.  Teachers can interact with the parents and ask them to send videos of their toddlers doing any interesting activity like playing with toys, dancing, or any other fun activity. When children will see themselves on the screen, it is automatically going to fascinate them and thus, they will be getting more encouraged to be in the online classroom.
  7. Assign activities
    Apart from assigning homework to be done on notebooks, toddlers can also be assigned to do certain interesting activities. Activities such as watering plants, doing a yoga pose, or non-gas cooking can be very involving for the child. Teachers can ask parents to submit these activities by making a video or click a picture.  Moreover, these activities are also a part of the child’s education.  Thus, a high-quality online classroom can sometimes have activities in place of conventional homework.

A high-quality online classroom does not involve costly gadgets and technologies instead it focuses on the method of teaching and making education smooth and possible for children even in the online mode. Thus, through interactions, activities, and online learning games for kids, virtual classrooms can become interesting for the little ones. E-learning for kids is slowly making its place in the world of schools and to make it of high-quality, online preschools can refer to the elements discussed here.

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