• Speciality: Builder
  • Experience: 10 Years

Teaching children must be accompanied by creating opportunities for them to grow. The builder in the Evorkle Team, Chetna Nakhat is one such member who believes in education being the most powerful weapon.  As an educator, she thoroughly believes that if we want to predict the future for the children then we have to create it now.  Nakhat has always been a patient educator towards the brain development of children. With 10 years of experience as an educator, she has aced the art of cracking her brains and bringing up something creative and involving for the toddlers.  With her interesting summer camps and various other workshops, she has been quite successful in keeping the children engaged in different brain developmental activities. Moreover, she is an adamant believer of the gradual learning process inconsiderate of the age. Learning is a beautiful process and it can be encouraged with different activities. Building in preschools is just not about education but about improving brain intelligence, logic, reasoning, and emotional development as well. All of these can be enhanced by different activities that challenge the mind of toddlers to use their brains as much as they can.  Children between the ages of 2-7 are highly prone to brain development. Hence, at this age, educators need to be very particular about whatever they are engaging their children into. The child’s mind is very fragile when they are in the preschool stage. Therefore, educators and parents must focus on their overall brain development rather than academic education.

Builders mostly initiate activities that can boost the creative mind of children. It also enables them in problem-solving situations.  A builder’s job is also associated with some physical activities as well that enable the growth of small tissues and muscles in children developing their motor skills. This helps in the physical development of children.  Builders also concentrate on observing how well a child can work in group activities. Hence, they include cooperative activities, so that children can adapt to working in groups which helps them to understand the importance of unity from a very tender age.  Children imbibe the practice of hand-eye coordination slowly. Hence, to give it an upgrade builders make sure activities improving such practices in children are also included. All of these activities that a builder introduces in preschool learning for the toddlers are solely concentrated towards the overall development of children.  “By the age of two, toddlers’ brains are as active as those of adults.  By the age of three, the brains of children are two and a half times more active than the brains of adults, they stay that way throughout the first decade of life”, Rime Shore. Believing in this fact, builders give their best in bringing out the best in the toddlers. Education is important but it can only be achieved well by a brain that has been developed in the truest sense. Chetna Nakhat is a true builder who understands the complexities of brain development in children and knows how to tackle it.