• Speciality: Nurturer
  • Experience: 10 Years

The idea of a nurturer is to become more than a parent figure. To provide the love and care to the needed and to help their performance growth is what embodies a nurturer. Aradhika Ruia, the jack of all trades and one of the earnest members of the Evorkel Team, knows her job pretty well as a nurturer. She ardently believes in Seth Godin an American writer’s saying, “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make but about the stories you tell." A nurturer is supposed to be very patient with the person they deal with. This is because the pace of learning in people differs from one another and hence, to encourage them towards bringing out the best in themselves requires time. Nurturers are mostly open to new ideas. Preschools are a hub to children who are always bubbling with new ideas. Thus, nurturers always need to look forward to them. Mostly, nurturers initiate an environment that encourages children to be lively and grow each day. They do not let anyone get marginalized instead they focus on mass participation. Most nurturers believe in experimenting with their style of teaching kids. They mostly mix and match the old and latest methods of teaching to provide children with the best form of knowledge and not just education. In preschools, you cannot expect children to be excellent in speaking English. As a result, when teachers communicate with children there arises a communication gap because they face difficulty understanding what is being instructed or taught. But a nurturer is usually the one who communicates with children in both English and in the language with which the child is most comfortable. By this, they initiate effective communication between them and the child. Locking teaching within a time frame does not describe education. Since nurturers are givers by heart, they contribute more time for the children, making sure that the child is getting what is being taught.

Nurturing is all about being dedicated and committed to the person they have to handle. Preschools need ideal nurturers who have the capacity to deal with toddlers. Each child is different from the other and all of them need proper surveillance for brain development.  Nurturers step into the child’s growth zone and help them grow in the best way possible. They figure out their strengths and weaknesses and dedicatedly work on them. Undoubtedly it takes a lot of patience to deal with children for hours and few possess it. Children mostly love to experiment with their ideas and nurtures easily find out a way to initiate learning from those ideas. Aradhika Ruia is a reliable nurturer in the Evorkle Academy. She has been a great nurturer to children with her young and energetic personality. Nurturing begins with providing the right nutrients and care to the saplings so that they can grow into strong trees. In the same way, nurturing for children too involves the right care and understanding so that they can grow into confident human beings.