• Speciality: Believer and Visionary

People mostly dream of extraordinary things but the ones who make it happen are the true visionaries. To redescribe the meaning of education and to give it new methods of teaching, the captain of the ship, Aditi Choararia is an able Believer and Visionary. With the changing patterns of education, the world is slowly evolving with online education. Choararia envisioned the creation of an online education institution that could provide toddlers with extraordinary knowledge and learning. She even believed in the formation of an online preschool for children from the age of 18 months to up to 6 years. She dreamt of an online preschool that could provide children with all the virtues of learning and education. Not just education, through the Evorkle Academy she has opened a plethora of high-quality education with structured lesson plans.  As a fantastic visionary, she encouraged online learning for toddlers for several great reasons:  it was possible from anywhere, it provided structured learning with emotional stability, increasing retention rates as online education is more engaging, e-learning was an eco-friendly option, and also it establishes a definite time frame for the child and keeps the child engaged in different activities.  Children’s performance at preschool must be under keen observation. Hence, at Evorkle, there is a monthly report card of children and also time-to-time talks with parents about the progress of the child.

The pros of online education are many. It helps in supreme brain development and is highly inclined towards making children independent learners. Moreover, most schools miss out on maintaining the teacher-student ratio and as a result, not all students receive proper guidance from the teacher. Although, Evorkle is an online preschool but its visionary has made it set up in such a way that the teacher-student ratio is strictly balanced so that each child is given an equal amount of attention. As a result, each child is given an equal opportunity to participate in the class.  With the support of Evorkle’s visionary, the structured lesson plans have been designed in a way that most of them comprise songs and activities. These play a big role in developing the intelligence and learning capabilities of the children.  There are different lesson plans for different age groups that ensure systematic studying. The vision of this academy is to provide children not just academic knowledge, but brain development that will further help children to easily process and understand everything that is being taught. It focuses on good mental health as well as great personality development of the children. With perfect nurturing, each child is monitored properly to figure out the hindrances that they are facing with studying and then the educators try their best to tackle them. Moreover, lesson plans and other preschool activities are designed for each child to receive the benefits of the overall brain and physical development. With the able vision and strong belief of Aditi Choararia, Evorkle Academy has been formed, which has given a new definition to learning and teaching methods.