90% development of a child’s brain happens by the age of 6 years.

Perks Of Joining Online Preschool

Early childhood is crucial to the development of every child. At the Evorkle Academy online preschool, we make the most of your child’s education by creating a fun and activity-based environment.  

Daily Online Preschool At Home

Unlike conventional preschools, our programs are delivered through an app. With Evorkle Academy, your child gains an education in the comfort and safety of your home.

Student To Teacher Ratio

Keeping in mind the needs of your little ones, we keep the ratio of teachers to students low. This ensures that our classrooms are built to pay absolute attention to every child in the batch.

Exclusive, Free Access

Moving beyond social and physical development, we offer complimentary access to our exclusive learning channel. Filled with songs and activities, it gamifies early learning and boosts intellectual development.

Structured Early Learning

We know teaching and learning are two different things. Instead of focusing on the former, we strive for the latter. Using instructional assignments and a structured curriculum, we cover 60+ learning themes for kids.

Monthly Progress Report

We share all the preschool lesson plans for the month with you. It allows you to check your child’s progress. The final report includes evaluation from the parent and teacher.

Tiny-Tot Graduation Certificate

Achievements matter even for little ones. That’s why we share a graduation certificate after a learner successfully completes the online preschool.

Why The Evorkle Academy

One of the best ways to nurture critical thinking in your child

Evorkle Academy is one of the best ways to nurture your child when it comes to preschool at home. We’re committed to moulding smart monkeys of tomorrow – evolving through learning.

  • Easy, engaging online learning game for kids
  • Flexible timings for effective learning experience
  • Age-appropriate concept-based learning
  • All preschool classes in small groups
  • Parenting webinars by experts
  • Live storytelling sessions
  • Complete brain training
Online Preschool & Afterschool Courses
The Evorkle Academy helps children of ages 1.6 – 6 years explore and engage with hundreds of online preschool lessons.

Our Preschool Curriculum

Our preschool programs are delivered in two ways:

Online Learning Games For Kids

A guided, step-by-step approach to self-paced learning. As your child advances through the online preschool, our lessons become more challenging.


A guided, step-by-step approach to self-paced learning. As your child advances through the online preschool, our lessons become more challenging.

Online Afterschool Courses
Having fun in preschool learning

Online Preschool Admission Process

How to start your child’s online preschool classes at the Evorkle Academy?

It’s a six-step process:

  • You register online.
  • We follow up with you.
  • Your child completes an online diagnostic test.
  • You pay the tuition fee.
  • We send over the material kit.
  • Your child is enrolled!

Sign up your child today at Evorkle online preschool!


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